Non-profit Discounts & Packages

Opengate Media offers a 25% off discount to non-profits for web-design, social media development & print collateral.

For nonprofits, a great website is an essential portal for your existing volunteers, donors and members – and a gateway for new involvement.

Your website should both communicate with your existing community, and market your organization to your potential membership. At Opengate Media we specialize in non-profit website design and can also provide integrated social media, email design and print collateral. With our services, your organization can have a professional, integrated look and feel that both communicates and markets your mission.

We are passionate about doing some good in the world. Yes, we love to design and write – but we also want to do our part to make the world a little happier. Let us help you make your organization the best it can be!

Preucil School of Music

We partnered with the Preucil School of Music to redesign the school website.  The site serves as the central communications tool for their 600+ families. The Preucil School of Music’s website also serves as an important resource for prospective families. At the end of the production process we provide basic WordPress training for the staff of the Preucil School so that routine updates and additions can be made in-house.  Opengate Media also provides the Preucil School with print collateral, brochures, posters and print advertising to create an integrated look and feel for the school.

Garchen Buddhist Institute

Garchen Buddhist Institute is a non-profit retreat center that hosts events throughout the year. We partnered with them to design a nonprofit website to serve their international community of retreatants and attendees.  The Garchen Institute is an organization that relies on their nonprofit website to provide weekly communication on upcoming events and opportunities. Opengate Media built them a customized, responsive design website that is also easy to maintain by the organization.