Digital Organizing Services


Opengate Media developed Activate Iowa in 2017.  Activate Iowa in maintains a statewide progressive events calendar which has 160-200 events posted at any given time. We are now able to  embed portions of this calendar in other websites.  We offer candidates, county party organizations and activist organizations the ability to embed a customized events calendar on their own website which will automatically update every several minutes.  Organizations may choose to include a narrow range of events such as only the organizations own events – or it is possible to include events from a menu of 13 other categories of progressive events. Once we set up the embedding for you the calendar will be ongoing. We are offering this calendar for a one-time fee of $120.  

Why embed our calendar:
Make all your appearances known
Fully publicize volunteer events
Become a hub for events in your area
Choose from over 12 event categories to post

One-time embed fee for campaigns, county IDP websites & progressive organizations:  $120


Opengate Media studies best practices for campaign and organization websites, and works with the candidate or organization to create a customized website.  Our aim is to create a dynamic, interesting web space that brings people together and motivates them to action. Strategic use of photography, short videos and top-notch copywriting will make your website the hub of your digital organizing efforts.

Logo development
customized WordPress website 3-8 pages
photo editing
copy development
Facebook feed integration
Twitter feed integration
event calendar development & embedding
choose from multiple hosting plans
site hosting with servers optimized for WordPress

Special pricing for county IDP and related websites:  $800 – includes 1st year of hosting


Most candidates and activists are too busy with day-to-day activity to think about whether the website has the most up-to-date news, events, and other information.  If a candidate posts on Twitter regularly, than it makes sense to put a twitter feed onto the website.  If a major event is coming up, a banner or post on the front page highlighting that event makes sense.  We review content and look for opportunities to update and improve information delivery.  We help campaigns and organizations figure out how to use their website to draw people into greater personal involvement.

weekly or monthly updating
photo editing
new copy development
Facebook feed integration
Twitter feed integration
Event calendar development & embedding

Special pricing for campaigns, county IDP websites & progressive organizations:  $40 per month


Judy thought that a social media account would be a good thing, but she moved to Michigan, and now no-one in the organization has time to maintain the social media account.  We can breathe life into a dormant account and  keep a lively news feed going which will attract attention and responses.  We will manage incoming inquiries and monitor posts in a group.  A digital intern or principal at Opengate Media will follow what is going on with the campaign or organization and keep the site lively and engaging.

Creating and posting content
Replying to comments
Answering questions
Managing inbox messages
Engaging users

Special pricing for campaigns, county IDP websites & progressive organizations: $200 per month


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